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Bike Ride, Lizzi & Emilie

Triathlon Training

Posted by n0tes on 2011.03.09 at 23:06
I'm starting training for a triathlon in June to prepare me for Marine bootcamp!  I feel it should be mentioned, I intend to enlist.  Anyways, I am also training with a group preparing for a half marathon in May.  Although, I will not be participating, I intend to go on the group runs on the weekends until they hit the 10 mile mark.  At this point marathon and half marathon training are a bit monotonous and counter productive to my other fitness goals.  (not to mention, I need to increase my anaerobic capacity and running distance will not accomplish this)
My current fitness goals are:
bench pressing my weight (120 lbs for a round number, I already met my goal of squatting my weight--max 3 rep squat is 140lbs)
performing 5 consecutive chin-ups
70 sec flexed arm hang (perfect score on Marine PT)
improved running speed
increase muscle, lose fat (easy once I start training! and necessary so I have something to spare going into bootcamp)

What are everyone else's goals?  Have you met any of your recent goals?

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