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Bike Ride, Lizzi & Emilie

Rope Training

Posted by n0tes on 2010.09.05 at 14:40
I'm starting a rope training program with my friend, Tiffany, tomorrow.  What is rope training you ask?  Well you'll just have to wait and see.  It sounds easy, but it's actually an amazing work-out and hard-work, but it's a lot of fun.  I'll post a short video w/ explanation and pictures.  If all goes well I'll have it up by early Tuesday morning/late Monday evening. 

Bike Ride, Lizzi & Emilie

COSI Female Runners

Posted by n0tes on 2010.08.25 at 06:51
I went to COSI and participated in a study on female runners.  It was a study over the "female athlete triad".  What is that you ask?  In short it's where females, particularly dancers, gymnasts, and runners, have a tendency to under eat and will eventually lead to major weight=loss and disordered eating.  To test for this I answered a series of questions.  Things like "do you think you are overweight?" "have you ever had thoughts of suicide?" "are you comfortable with your body?" etc.   I had to track my diet for three days and my activity level for everyday.  Then finally, I went into the life lab and they did blood work (which I get back today) and a bone density scan w/ an iDXa machine -- http://www.gehealthcare.com/euen/bone-densitometry/products/axial-dexa-densitometers/lunar-idxa/index.html .  Overall, I have well above average bone density.  Which means I'm at a low risk for osteoporosis and considering I'm a white female that's always good news.  In my left wrist, I have average bone density.  It also told me my body fat percentage, which was 23.4% and my waist-to-hip ratio is .5.  The results we're really interesting because they broke down my body into sections and told the amount of fat tissue, lean tissue, and other info.  My left arm had way less lean tissue than my right.  Ironically though, my left leg and trunk had more lean tissue.  Following this,  Since my bone density was high I got to participate in another study where the measured body fat percentage in a bod-pod to check it's accuracy and if bone density affects it (I was a control).  According to that I had 19% body fat. 
The study was really interesting and I even have print-outs of all of my results.  I'm really curious about the blood work

Bike Ride, Lizzi & Emilie

Life Lab Studies

Posted by n0tes on 2010.08.15 at 23:16
I participated in a study at COSI's life lab.   It was called "Are Wii Fit?".  Basically, it was testing if Wii Fit is a proper work-out.  They hooked me up to a Vo2 max machine and I ran for twenty minutes in place.  Every 5 minutes, the test administrator asked my RPE (rate of perceived exertion).  Outside of the fact my calves were sore for three days following, it was just easy and kind of boring.  I much prefer outdoor running or even treadmill running.  Since it was an open lab all these kidlets had their faces pressed up against the glass--not watching me in my lovely mask but watching the TV.  haha.  I'm also going to participate in another study dealing with female runners and bone density.  I'm excited about this one.  I'll let you all know how it goes. 


Weight Training

Posted by n0tes on 2010.08.13 at 01:54
This is how I lifted last night.  I focused on upper body, back, chest, and core.  I had intend to go tonight and do lower body, but I'm tired--I had a busy day--and a little sore (more on that next post). Anyways:

Not done in this order, I jumped around:
- exercise // rep x set x weight
- Arnold Press // 10 x 3 x 7.5lb
-dumbbell (db) front raise // 10 x 3 x 5lbs
-barbell (bb) upright row // 12 x 4 x 20lbs
-lateral raise // 15 x 3 x 7.5lbs
-lateral raise w/ release // 15 x 3 x 5lbs
-bb bent-over row // 15 x 6 x 20lbs
-db bent-over row // 15 x 6 x 12.5lbs
-tricep dips // 15 x 4
-tricep extension // 15 x 4 x 20lbs, 15 x 3 x 15lbs
-bicep curls // 15 x 3 x 7.5lbs
-pull-up // 5 x 2
-chin-up // 5 x 2
-ball push-ups // 10 x 4
-shoulder external rotation // 15 x 3 x 7.5lbs
-shoulder internal rotation // 15 x 3 x 7.5lbs
-bench press // 15 x 3 x 20lbs
-db bench press // 15 x 3 x 12.5lbs
-db flies // 12 x 4 x 7.5lbs
-ball crunch // 25 x 6
-ball oblique crunch // 25 x 2
-db side bend // 10 x 3 x 10lbs
-back extension // 15 x 3
-bird dog // 15 x 3
-leg crosses // 1min
-butterfly kicks // 1 min

So yes, I did spend a really long time a the gym.

Bike Ride, Lizzi & Emilie


Posted by n0tes on 2010.08.11 at 22:33
Yesterday:  I ran/walked with my friend, Tiffany, who is just starting to work-out again.  She smokes a little and is in fairly poor shape.  We discussed the "skinny-fat" concept.   Which basically boils down to a thin person who just naturally has a fast metabolism and is just in poor shape.  We started to do the yoga, but the walk-run kind of taxed her and she felt sick. 

Today:  I ran before class again for around 22 minutes; just ran around the city.   Nothing interesting there, honestly, just a lot of construction on the sidewalks I wanted to run.   In class we discussed power cleans in advanced resistance training--I am a horrible power clean-er.  The instructor said "and here we have an example of a runner.. everything is smooth and controlled.. here watch her, it's all those slow-firing type I muscle fibers".  haha. After my exphys class, I went to the store to find new sports bras and shorts w/ pockets.. I was unsuccessful on the prior.  Apparently, carrying XS is just too hard for most stores. Thank goodness for online shopping.  Nike is having some pretty good sales on their sports bras, FYI.  Following this I went running with Dee.  We did a total of 5 mi on the trail.. running just over four.  I'm still sweating from that now.  I'm hitting the gym at midnight after I refuel for some weightlifting.  I'll post my lifting routine when I get home.

Oh and this is my heart rate monitor strap:

Bike Ride, Lizzi & Emilie


Posted by n0tes on 2010.08.10 at 02:48
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Today: I ran for twenty to twenty five minutes before class at 8:30 AM for the adrenaline.  I also went for a run with my friends Dee and Ryan .. we ran a little over 3 miles and walked a little less than one.  It was SO hot out today, it made it kind of hard to run.  Oh well, we'll be nice and conditioned come the race in the fall. 

we're absolutely stunning after a run in the heat

Outside of that I did the first level of Jillian Michael's yoga meltdown DVD.  Now, I have VERY little yoga experience and I found it relatively easy to get accustomed to.  I'm not a huge yoga fan, but the additional stretching feels amazing after a good run.  Overall, the exercises in level one could in theory be preformed by a total fitness amateur.  I'll continue with level one for the next 2 or 3 times I use the DVD until I get it near perfect, at which point I will move on and let you all know how that goes. 
My ranking of level one yoga meltdown (1-10 scale, 10 being exceptionally difficult or advanced or most , 1 being easy or least)
difficulty: 2
accuracy of directions: 1
variety : 4
flow of movement: 2.5

cardiovascular strain: 2
muscular endurance: 3.5

overall, I'd say this is an excellent DVD for a novice to fitness.  It will teach balance which is the foundation of a proper resistance program.  After I progress through the levels, I will keep you updated.

Yoga poses

Bike Ride, Lizzi & Emilie

heart rate monitor

Posted by n0tes on 2010.08.10 at 01:15
I recently purchased a Garmin heart rate monitor.  I decided to buy the FR60 model in purple. Thus far, having it for around 2 weeks, I really like it.  It contains all of the functions I wanted: calorie monitoring, timer, and obviously the heart rate monitoring.  It took a little playing around to get all of the functions down, but for the most part I get it now.  I got it off Amazon for $109 which isn't too horrible for all of the functions it has.  It also came with this flash drive thing, I have yet to use it though.  My only complaint is the chest strap is about 2 inches too large, but I just tuck into my sports bra and it functions the same. The size of the actual watch is acceptable for a sports watch on a very petite wrist.  I wear the watch everyday now and I wear the strap about 1/2 the time when I work-out or during daily activity. 
Let's get to the pros/cons
+ color
+ functions
+ ease of use
+ cost for functions
+ chest strap
+ watch size moderately small -- see image
- size of chest strap too large
- foot pod for tracking distance pricey $50


Bike Ride, Lizzi & Emilie

My Stats

Posted by n0tes on 2010.08.09 at 17:44
these are my current stats:

Age: 20
height: 5'3"
weight: 110lbs
BMI: 19.5
Body Fat Percentage: 16.6%

chest: 32.5 in
waist: 24 in
hip: 35 in
***As soon as I my tape measure turns up I'll do a complete measurement set. 

me in may


Bike Ride, Lizzi & Emilie


Posted by n0tes on 2010.08.09 at 01:36
I went for a run around town today.  It was only about a million and one degrees out in the afternoon.  I enjoyed my run, but I probably lost about 20 pounds of sweat.  Normally, I'd drag my ass to the gym and get on a treadmill, but my gym is having a little mini-remodel and the treadmills by the TV are not up for use yet.  I just can't stare at myself in the mirror for 30+ minutes.  Too boring for my taste!!

Tomorrow, I'm going to attempt Jillian Michael's Yoga DVD and possibly the 30 Day Shred the following week.  I also ordered a couple exercise "directory" books from BN.com.  Excited!!! Also, I have two runs planned for the day.

Bike Ride, Lizzi & Emilie

About Me

Posted by n0tes on 2010.08.07 at 23:52
As you already know, I'm Emilie and I'm studying nutrition and exercise science.  I've always been interested in nutrition, but exercise is a more recent interest.  Anyways, on with the interesting stuff.  I'm training for my first 1/2 marathon in October.  I enjoy running, but I can't get enough of the gym.    I'm going to attempt many different exercise programs and see how I feel afterwords and rate them based on various factors to later be determined.   I'm straight forward and to the point.  If I don't like something or I love it, don't worry I'll be clear.  

My list of Programs
- zumba (at least 3 classes)
- kick boxing
- aerobics
- Jillian Michael's DVDs
- p90x
- yoga
- pilates
- boxing

As I finish a program I will post a review and photos of myself participating in the activity or before/after shots.

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